Voice App Development

An Introduction To Voice App Development

Have you considered what your brand sounds like? How will people interact with your brand on voice enabled devices?

With it's friction-less user interface and advancements in AI capabilities, voice is set to revolutionise the way we do business in the near future. It takes little imagination to see how voice enabled devices in our home, car and office will provide a super convenient platform to assist us in life.

At Unumbox Ltd, we invite you to be at the forefront of innovation within your business by partnering with us to develop a website and web application that works seamlessly with voice. There are many possibilities from updating your website to managing administrative tasks with voice commands.

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Website and Voice App Integration

Voice commands provide a seamless interface to communicate with your website or web application. Many commands can be carried out from within virtual assistant software agent such as Google Assistant or Alexa. However, there's an almost limitless number of possibilities when creating voice apps that communicate with your web server via intuitive API's.

How does it work?

Your clients will use a software agent such as Google Assistant to trigger a command. The agents AI will interpret the results and communicate to validate the request which it sends to your web-server with a web-hook. From there the command can be entered in to a database and used to trigger an event from manipulating data to activating a request to devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).


The possibilities are limitless. Applications can be created to activate tasks from sending emails to updating website content. By connecting your web application to the Internet of Things, your voice app can be used to read meters or activate valves.

We're happy to discuss your voice app ideas with you and make suggestions that will streamline your business to reduce touch points.

Talk to us today and we can start your voice app build project.

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